Green Saves Money

Finally there’s the green that can save green. Did all you capitalists just get excited? It’s not just about photovoltaic panels, although if you’re not a fan of PG&E or the equivalent megalopolis energy supplier then the fact that an energy company can actually send you a check each month may excite your bank account in the long run.Green savings isn’t just about sticking it to the big bad energy companies but adding value to your house. When you add those photovoltaic panels, that high percentage fly ash foundation, or water recapture system then you automatically add value to your home.

Think a paint job makes your house look better, so it would see for more? Think that a no VOC paint job would go one step further? Energy rebates exist as well as short term benefits but mostly long term benefits can be found in Green building. Stop looking at the now and the short term rewards and look at Green additions like how runners complete a marathon – it’s not just about the first mile or the tenth mile but the whole enchilada.

Think long term.

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