555 Mission and the Green memo

555missionoctoberFrom time to time we hear talk about builders and developers saying that they can’t or won’t build Green because of “initial first cost” and Green buildings being “more expensive” to build (incorrect) but we’re glad to see what going on with 555 Mission Street. Apparently there were many Green naysayers in the Tishman-Speyer company saying that they couldn’t build 555 Green because of the costs and time constraints. A little green sparrow also chirped that the head of Tishman-Speyer sent out a companywide memo saying that he wanted all of their buildings to be at least LEED certified. He asked that any memos saying why Green building couldn’t be done be sent to his office. Know what? He didn’t get any memos back. And surprise, surprise look what can be accomplished when a Green memo comes from the top. Now, 555 is registered for LEED. Now we’re not sure about what level their aiming for but the space looks promising.

In addition to the great views that most people would ooh and ah about, what gets our green genes going are some of the less sexy LEED elements. Instead of subjecting occupants to dingy indoor views and lighting, the architects designed architectural curtain wall to enable direct views of the outdoor environment for 90% of the building’s occupants. We also like the fact that they used recycled materials for at least 10% of the material construction. The vast majority of the recycled content comes from the building structural steel and in the aluminum curtain wall, not recycled materials used inside the building. Way up high in the sky, the roof will be a highly reflective, lightly colored ‘cool roof’ system that will reduce the affect of urban heat islands. Although the “cool roof” is cool, we’d like to see an actual Green Living Roof up top but we can’t have it all.

With several other Green elements on tap we’re actually looking forward to seeing something attractive and Green hit the South Beach/Soma area. Memo to Tishman – Speyer execs: “Keep sending out those Green building memos.”

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