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For some people the act of walking in to a shopping mall during a huge sale makes them sort of shake like they are on crack and for me and my friend Mouse, walking into Scrap for the first time, it caused a similar reaction. How could I not have known about this place? True, the location could not be less in the middle of nowhere and in San Francisco that is quite a trick. But still, I have no excuse.

Scrap, which their pamphlet calls “a creative reuse center and workshop space” came about in 1976, way before recycling and Green became trendy, as a resource for artists and teachers. Scrap also set out to promote environmental awareness and creative reuse.

The non-profit Scrap, receives numerous donations from business, individuals, and various groups in their warehouse space. The groups not only keep these items from the landfill but they receive tax credits. This source for the resourceful also draws numerous artists, burners, and other just looking to re-use materials at a discount. Who needs some office warehouse when you can pick up a ream of freshly donated paper for about $3? Need envelopes, frames, textiles, flooring, jewelry at a discount then this place will serve for many, like me, as a shopping heaven.

Scrap also offers classes and workshops where people lean to reduce, reuse and recycle in various media and techniques. Apparently, New York City has there own version of Scrap. But with all of the waste and overflowing landfills, it would seem a no brainer to open Scrap like places in other cities. My idea – Scrap, the non-profit franchise. Shop on!

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