Social Networking and High Tech at Inman Connect 2009

inman connect fotoIt’s kind of exciting to be around some of the top bloggers, social media giants, and computer media gurus at the 2009 Inman Connect. It would be silly to search for significant Green aspects within this conference, but the as they say it’s about people, planet, profit. Of course, the real estate industry here remains about profit but much of the new innovation deals with people.

Being a green blogger, the location of the grand old Palace Hotel doesn’t exactly scream Green, and curiously the conference did offer actual glasses for the Blogger Connect but for the main conference downstairs the hotel dragged out the paper cups.

Lot’s of buzz surrounded the social media mix. Many different sites and start-ups will integrate things like social rental search, local community, and other forms of social networking, and company culture. Several  companies at the IC displayed how they treat people well (such as which equates to social justice, something that many companies lack.

Some of the conference speakers actually brought ideas outside of the normal technology, real estate and economic gain realm. San Francisco’s own Craig Newmark (the Craig’s List founder and consumer service guru) started his presentation by showing a little bird in the back yard of his home near Sutro Forest. Craig mentioned, “I like nature when it is convenient.” He also mentioned that he Twitters a lot but that much of it is related to nature. Craig talked about his big push to help the returning veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars who have been shortchanged on their education benefits. You can get the full scoop at the Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America,

A lot of people, including us, learned that it isn’t about competetion. The words that stuck with many people and that other speakers referred to are the wise words of Craig Newmark, “If we don’t collaborate, we’re dead.”

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