West Coast Green 2009 Comes Back to San Francisco

It’s good to have West Coast Green back in SF. Not that San Jose didn’t play a fine host to last years bigger conference but the show lacked something last year, call it a vibe, or energy but something didn’t gel. So, this year’s scaled down but energetic and education West Coast Green found itself a new home at the Fort Mason. Maybe the ocean air and bay views added a green spark to the conference.

The economy definitely had an impact on this year’s West Coast Green with less venders but with less money that mean that people just had to get more creative with less moola such as the floating island, show gardens and even the sustainability built Jewish Sukkoth. The usual green rock stars like Eric Corey Freed and Michelle Kaufman made their presences felt with their energetic personalities.

Kaufman, in fact, talked about the use of Green pre-fab homes and the affordability factor. She mentioned that she gets most energized by the fact that her parents and grandparents who live in Iowa would have to go through a long drown out and costly experience if they wanted to build a Green home, only because the resources don’t exist there – yet. She wants to make Green pre-fab homes affordable to all people. Fab Michelle, fab. She went off on the top three production homebuilders who she says do “crap” as their homes are not well made, not well designed, not healthy and efficient. “The big home builders won’t be proactive to make changes said Kauffman. American homebuilders being reactive? We can’t believe it.

We also could believe how interesting the planetarium project at the closing party at the Academy of Sciences was. The special WCG program featured An Ecological View of the Cosmos. This interactive program (accompanied by live narration presented by media artist David McConville, the Director of Noospheric Research of The Elumenati and a Director of the Buckminster Fuller Institute and classical/new agey music from Christen Lien and Rachel Bagby gave us a stirring, complex and though provoking view of the universe. In fact, we learned from this program how when someone asks us if we think that we are the center of the universe we just might be able to answer affirmatively.

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